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Kalure Beauty plans to provide services for all individuals that can appreciate guilt-free pampering. We feel that every individual has the right to indulge in luxury at their fingertips, hopefully, ones that we have painted. We have collectively been in the beauty industry and entertainment for more that 25years. We are skilled, knowledgeable and successful in our field of creativity.

Kalure Beauty houses an array of services to be provided to beauty consumers. We are very aware of the frustration of all individual(s) wanting to be America's Next Top Model, but just having the time. So what does Kalure Beauty offer? We offer "CONVENIENCE". We also do placement for beauty professionals and salons that might need cover for a technician going on vacation, or maybe even maternity leave. Kalure Beauty has been extended to production companies/ cinematographers. We do not discriminate to those who are looking for a more intimate setting like bridal parties or just a service at home. We cater to the "Masses".


iPc   $50

(Initial Preliminary Consultation)

PPc   $75

(Personal Professional Consultation)

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